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make me choose: lee seunghyun or choi seunghyun

Gummy + G-Dragon - Killing Me Softly (Demo)

This is a very hard to find piece of Big Bang pre-debut magic. The track was demo’d sometime in 2003. Apart from this rip all that exists of it are a couple of rough fancams of Gummy singing it live, sans GD. I would love to see them bring this back and perform it again someday.

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Happy Birthday to Himchaaaan. ♥

The cameraman was so fascinated by Himchan’s side profile that they focused on his face longer than necessary 。◕‿◕。

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we all know what this is about.

Both of DaeJae have a sensitive neck ;w;

5 year old Daehyun running around Youngjae *^▽^*

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